Monica S. Seattle WA
OMG! This stuff is amazing! We had a recent get together for about 20 people and had several appetizers on the table. In the first 5 minutes this was GONE! Makes a great dish just using cream cheese and crackers! Loved it!
Maryann W. Palm Springs CA
I couldn’t believe how much flavor your products added to some of my favorite recipes. The blend of spicy with the natural sweetness is just perfect! It’s extra special on chicken dishes and really terrific as an appetizer!
Brian S. Sammamish WA
This stuff is crazy good! Makes a great snack and was totally off the charts at our March Madness party with a few of my B-ball pals. I had to hide the jar so they wouldn’t eat it all! Definitely the best pepper jelly i’ve ever had. A must try!

Melinda B. Phoenix AZ
Absolutely delicious! I’ve tried so many of these from the grocery stores but none ever really had the right blend and were either too sweet or just way too spicy. This was just perfect! My kids even used it on their sandwiches! A great item to have around in the event you need a quick appetizer or snack for guests. The citrus explosion was really impressive.

Janet M. Minneapolis MN
I love the jalapeno flavored jelly. It was so good we used it in a pork recipe and wow! I highly recommend it!
Dorothy N. Roswell NM
I bought a jar of the jalapeno flavor hoping it wasn’t too spicy. It was just right! I like spicy foods but not to the point where we’re breaking a sweat. This just exploded with flavor and had the right amount of tanginess to it that kept you coming back for more.

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